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Jamira Haines was born in the year 1994. Jamira Haines was born in Camden, New Jersey, one of America’s most improved cities. Jamira Haines raised in Cuba; Jamira Haines has an American passport. Jamira Haines was studying for a law degree at Rugrats University. After completing her education, she wanted to become a corporate lawyer. Hence, Jamira Haines’s goals were to have friends and family being proud of her of what she is doing. Jamira Haines’s enemy is 50 cents. Jamira Haines is dating 50 cents currently. Jamira Haines’s family and friends are Abraham Ponce, Angel Rosado, Leisha Perez, Sharon Velazques, and Miriam Ruiz. Jamira Haines grew up as a Christian. Jamira Haines is a mixture of African-American and Puerto Rican. Jamira Haines’s parents were black.

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1. Jamira Haines was born in 1994. Currently, she is 25 years old.

jamira haines hot pics
jamira haines hot pics

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2. Jamira Haines’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

jamira haines sexy pics
jamira haines sexy pics

3. Jamira Haines was born and brought up in Camden, New Jersey, which has become one of the beautiful cities.

jamira haines sexy look

4. Jamira Haines rose from Cuba.

jamira haines red carpet

5. Jamira Haines has an American Passport.

jamira haines feet

6. Jamira Haines was a continuing law degree at Rugrets University.

jamira haines bare feet

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7. Jamira Haines’s height is 167 CM.

jamira haines bikini

8. Jamira Haines seemed tall as 50 Cent.

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