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Known for her beauty and mesmerizing smile, Marguerite is a smashing actress who was born on the 25th of the month of April in the year 1977. She is mostly known for being an American origin actress who has been successful in making her career up on the global radar. There is no doubt that she has been in some of the enchanting and great works of cinema. But this beauty is specifically known for being in the horror, fantasy movie, Queen of the Damned. She played the role of Jesse Reeves in the movie which has been taken in as being one of the greatest works of her career. She can also be seen in the movies like we hot America, playing Katie and as well as in the movie, The Mighty Ducks.
She was born and as well as brought up in the region of Riverside, California. She got her path-breaking role in the year 1994 with the role of Melanie in the show Blossom, till the year 2015. She can also be seen in the series such as Boy Meets World and as well as 3rd rock from the sun, playing as a child actress. She made her breakthrough into the industry with Mighty Ducks films, as a child actress. She has been in some of the best movies which can be listed as hip (2010), life happens (2011), Paddleton (2019), bull fighter (2009), Caroline and Jackie (2012), and many of such blockbuster films.
In the year 2009, she made several appearances in many of the series such as Cupid, Monk, as well as Private practice, CSI: NY and as well as in Hawthrone, in cameo roles. In 2011, she guest-starred in the series of Shameless in the character of Linda in some of their episodes.
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Marguerite Moreau bikini pics
Marguerite Moreau bikini pics

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Marguerite Moreau Lingerie pics
Marguerite Moreau Lingerie pics


Marguerite Moreau cleavage



Marguerite Moreau feet hot


Marguerite Moreau feet hot (3)

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Marguerite Moreau hot pics (3)


Marguerite Moreau hot pics (2)


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Marguerite Moreau hot pics