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Dodie Clark is a very famous YouTube personality. She is also a songwriter singer and an author and is from the UK. She has a YouTube channel that covers all of her original cover songs. Dodie Clark is very famous for the ukulele and piano covers. Dodie Clark has over a hundred and sixty videos and has on 1.4 million subscribers.

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1. She has over 186 million views on her main channel in the year 2018. Dodie Clarkhas rallied released two extended plays one is called intertwined, and the other is called You.

Dodie Clark sexy pictures
Dodie Clark sexy pictures

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2. Both of these have made appearances on the top 40 in the UK albums chart.

Dodie Clark hot pictures
Dodie Clark hot pictures

3. Dodie Clark has collaborated with a lot of YouTube artists like flashback and Jon Cozart.

Dodie Clark sexy cleavage


Dodie Clark sexy pics (2)


Dodie Clark sexy pics (1)


Dodie Clark hot pics (2)