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Who is Verónica Sánchez Calderón? She is a Spanish actress. She was born on 1st July 1977 in Seville, Spain. Veronica earned her debut in theatre in 1996 and appeared to media attention as Eva Capdevila in the Telecinco series Los Serrano in 2003.  She left her studies of Science to study Dramatic Art. From 1996 to 2002, she acted in theatre. One of her most successful theater shows was Bloo Wedding in 2002.

She came to be popular as Eva Capdevilla in television series Los Serrano in 2003. Also in the same year, she acted in film Al surge, Granada.  Sur this character, she earned Spanish Actors Union, ACE, and Goya nominations. In the year 2005, she left Los Serrano. She acted in the film Camaron and accepted the Goya nomination. She also acted in 2005 films El Calentito and Los 2 lados de la came.

In the following year, she was selected by Cinema Writers Circle Awards for her character in smash film hit Mia Sarah. She also arrived in the 1st episode of television series Genesis: en la mente del asesino. In the year 2007 was very successful for her. She characterized one of the lead roles in Goya nominated film Zenitram and 13 Roses.

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Verónica Sánchez Hot Pics
Verónica Sánchez Hot Pics

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Verónica Sánchez Sexy Pics
Verónica Sánchez Sexy Pics





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