Arabella has always had a nice athletic body and that’s why most fashion enthusiasts keep an eye on her. Recently she was seen spending her time on the beach Ibiza. The 29 year old model was soaking in the crystalline water to beat the Spanish heat. She was showing off her nice honey tanned skin that was a perfect match with her golden locks.

The model was wearing a skimpy bikini and its soft coral colour was making her look charismatic. The  pretty little thing bikini was appreciating her gorgeous curves while adding a soft aura to her look.

The back tied bikini top was flaunting her bosom and the side tied bottom was highlighting her toned stomach and slender legs. Her damp dark blonde hair was making her look even prettier. She chose some golden neck accessory to complete her look.

Her style statement has always been to add a hint of luxury or sparkle to anything simple. This is a pretty handy way to highlight the feature she wants. For this beach outing she used a pretty strawberry tint and heavy mascara.